Topic: Union of Gamers LoL Tournament #1 Finalists

08.06.2013, Eat Play Sleep went 2nd Place in the first UoG Tournament!

During the first day, with sanchesz suping for midlane, our team won round 1 but got knocked down into the losers bracket in game 2 against TCOs Team A.
However, with a solid performance in the second round in losers bracket the team made sure to stay in the tournament.

On the second day, the team had Griiimmjow suping ADC during game 1, who did a realy great job on MF. With his help the team was able to play in the losers final against their old enemy TCOs Team A.
Sanchesz, who played in the jungle the whole day, played two realy good games and the team managed to beat TCOs Team A 2:0.

Sadly the tournament organisation decided to let us wait 2 hours without information or answers on our requests for any.
After 3 hours the tournament managment told us to postpone the final on sunday, which we were not okay with.
We forfeited the final even though we know we could have won it.